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Why Its Easier For A Marriage to Survive Drug Addiction Than Infidelity

Posted by Robert Sobel | Jun 28, 2016 | 0 Comments

Lately it seems like allegations of drug abuse set off serious alarm bells and allegations of infidelity are met with a ho-hum attitude. But while illegal drug use gets most of the attention, I'll bet more relationships end because of infidelity. Here's my proof. If a spouse gets caught using drugs and swears it won't happen again they can submit to drug testing and provide their mate with instantaneous, random negative test results. Proof of compliance.

But when a spouse engages in infidelity (betrayal? deception?), whether an actual tryst or the overused “emotional affair” there is no test to prove future fidelity. Trust is destroyed. Even if the errant spouse throws their phone in the river, quits their job, sells their car, and begs for forgiveness and counseling, can the victimized spouse ever really be sure again?

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