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Great Team!

I was the poster child of losing it all. Before I met Mr. Sobel and his team. I had started the debt consolidation process. Then I was laid off, then my unemployment rain out, everyone was telling me I'm over qualified and refused to hire me. As my savings ran out I finally get a job making less than half of what I needed to pay my bills but I was making it… barely. I had to return my car and get a cash car to which broke down three months later, they replaced it with another but worse than the first… I then get notified that one of my creditors never was contacted for the debt consolidation and they are now suing me. I talked to the Debt consolidation company, my legal team with them and an additional lawyer who all said my best bet was bankruptcy. Scared I was going to lose it all I contacted and met a few lawyers a chose to go with Mr Sobel, they were super friendly, they didn't talk over me, they kept things real in ways I could understand the process. The process takes a few months so there were times I didn't hear from them in a while but if I messaged them they always got right back with me. Mr Sobel was also transparent when there was changes in staffing and I believe he handled everything very professionally. Then Praise God, Before my case was officially filed I was able to acquire a job back in my line of work, I started my job on a Monday and by Friday my transmission went out… I just got my tax refund and I was able to put the money down on a new to me vehicle… I now made enough to keep my house and now new car… I was worried that now I made too much. They helped me go thru the paperwork since the income changed, and made sure that everything was accurate. Still scared I made too much or that there would be a problem Mr Sobel was very supportive and calmed me down, went over some of the questions they would ask so when they asked I would know what I wanted to say because I had time to think about it, which helped calm me down. When we went into court Mr Sobel told me that 90% of cases have some sort of issues to be addressed, and as he explained back it the day before computers there would be a lot of red stickies on the paperwork… to my elation, on mine there were NONE!! Best case scenario… When we walked out we continued to talk, I didn't feel as if I was just a case, but I was a PERSON, he saw me as more than just a job… He said to me, “it was amazing to see you(me) where I was before… at my lowest with no hope to seeing you(me) now after”… That I was a Pister Child for a successful case and why he does what he does. He is a family man there helping others when their life is at its worst… He makes them laugh and keeps it real… My son and I will forever be grateful for the work he and his team did for me… THANK YOU Mr Sobel and your team!!! May God Bless you for all that you do!!

– Shanna

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