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He’s Done it All for Me!

I was blessed to have been referred to Robert Sobel around eight years ago. Since then I have been rewarded several times over thanks to his great legal expertise and dedicated staff! One of Robert's best qualities is that in every instance where my fee was not contingent on the outcome (i.e. my PI cases,) he would work out extremely reasonable payment arrangements (since I've never had the entire fee up front, except for my traffic tickets. <g>) I've recommended him countless times – every time I hear some one needing a lawyer, in fact – to friends and family alike; most of which have used him in every possible capacity. Like myself, they have all been thrilled with his skill and dedicated staff, and especially his flat fee billing and payment arrangements. Quite literally, he has handled everything for me, from my smallest traffic ticket, to the biggest and most important case of all: winning custody of my child for me after a 2-year long, extremely contentious battle (where, in all honesty, the chips were stacked AGAINST ME). He got me great settlements from 4 separate personal injury matters. He's handled more than a few juvenile cases, a couple of which were quite serious: one for my teen, and several others for a few friends' and family members' kids. Twice I've had to hire him for child support enforcement actions. Let's just say that the “free” child support enforcement services provided by the office of the attorney general were less than optimal (read: they stank) and it took forever to even get them started. I finally hired Rob after learning his attorney fees were free as well because they would be/were ordered to be paid by my deadbeat ex. Rob had me in Court within a couple weeks. When you're in a financial bind, that makes a HUGE difference! I've even hired Robert to incorporate my business and had numerous consultations over practically every aspect of my company. After all these years, he's like a family member and I've felt very secure knowing that he or a member of his office can be reached 24/7. I, along with everyone whom I've referred, was especially comforted by the their attentiveness. You know when someone is actually listening to you. Every other lawyer I've met seemed to not care enough or had a contrary agenda.

– Anonymous

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