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Special Needs Children in a Divorce


Having recently finalized a matter which involved an autistic child, there are several unique issues which must be addressed. Many school age autistic children attend speech and or occupational therapy or other counseling up to 5 days a week. This can present challenges to the parents because a standard possession order (SPO) might not be practical as the counseling can interfere with visitation and requires tremendous cooperation between the parents to share the responsibility.

Additionally, it is essential that both parents are trained to follow the treatment plan for the child while in that parents possession, such as potty training and rigid scheduling and structure.

Some children receive Social Security Disability and there can be issues as to which parent receives those funds and how it will affect child support. Additionally, other child support issues arise because caring for the child will likely result in higher expenses and costs and these will not stop at age18.

This is not an exhaustive list of issues, just some that came up during my recent case.


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