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Social Media and Divorce Suicide. How Facebook makes me look like a genius

Posted by Robert Sobel | Jun 21, 2016 | 0 Comments

Even if you're not going through a divorce or a modification from someone trying to take custody of your kids, why on earth would you post a picture of yourself next to a 6 foot “bong?” Before you post stuff like that ask yourself how you intend to explain THAT to the judge. Please don't tell me your page is set to private. Believe me, if anyone can see it, then so can I. (And you probably don't want me asking you questions about it at trial.)

Runner Ups:

#1 At Trial: “Your honor I'm a lowly tattoo artist. I made $23,000.00 last year”                                                                                                         Opposing Counsel: “Then can you explain why your Facebook page says you are the tattoo artist to the stars and that you made over $175,000.00 last year?”

#2 Is it necessary for you to pose with your new paramour on Facebook? Why not just drop the kids at my office and save the time and expense of litigation.

#3 Please refrain from advertising your sexually oriented business online and think twice before showing the world your A**. Remember, if I can see it, then so can your kids… or their friends…or their friends parents. Next time Drug use and Divorce Suicide

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