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What if I'm not served with Divorce Papers

  • What happens if I'm not served with Divorce Papers

My husband filed for a divorce I Harris county and I found out when I went to file in another county. I have not been served with anything and it has been almost two months since he filed. Is that normal and what do I do if I never receive anything.

Robert's Answer

    • on Apr 20, 2018

If you and your spouse have residency (90 days) in two different counties in Texas, generally jurisdiction is locked in the county of who filed first. This can be transferred to the 2nd filer's county if the custodial parent and kids lived in the other county for at least six months.
Courts will let a a case sit for a period of months without service and if no answer or motion to transfer is filed. After a period of months the court will notify the filer that his case will be dismissed unless service is perfected by a certain deadline.

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