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.How do I better my chances for future custody litigation?

  • How do I better my chances for future custody litigation?

I recently resolved a fierce child custody case and there will likely be a future case when her mother moves again. I would like to know what steps I can take in the next few years to better my chances of winning a future case.

Robert's Answer

    • on Sep 17, 2014

Keep a daily written diary of events, interactions, and communications with ex.. Without one, facts and dates begin to get hazy and are eventually lost. This diary is your most powerful tool. Next, all communications should be by text or email rather than phone. Phone calls are subject to "he said- she said". Never flame your ex in texts or emails. They will show up in court and bite you. Finally never say or do anything that you will have to explain, justify or apologize for from the witness stand. ALWAYS maintain this high ground.

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