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How are mediations scheduled in a Family Law Case

Does someone in the Harris County Family Courts schedule mediations? Or is this something we would have to do?
My husband and I are a seeking custody for a child we raised for 15 years. The court says we must go to mediation prior to our hearing. The clerk told us to find a mediator to schedule mediation.
Robert's Answer
  • on Aug 1, 2014

Their are literally hundreds of private Family Law Mediators in the Houston, Harris County, TX area, easily found via a web search or asking virtually anyone in a suit at the courthouse.
The county also offers mediation through the Domestic Relations Office (DRO) and the Dispute Resolution Center (DRC). When using a private mediator the parties usually agree on the mediator, contact him or her and coordinate a convenient date or time.
When parties can't agree on the mediator or can't afford private mediation, they can file a motion requesting the judge appoint a private mediator or send them to the DRO or DRC where fees are generally based on a sliding scale.

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