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Uncontested Divorce

The Holy Grail of Divorce. Quick and cheap, but elusive. Perfect when there are no kids, no property and no issues. But if there are kids or property …BEWARE.

Under Texas law, one party can file a petition for Divorce and rather than drawing battle lines by serving the other spouse, the filing party can give a file stamped copy of that Petition along with a Waiver of Citation to the other spouse. The spouse receiving the copy of the Petition and the Waiver is encouraged to sign that waiver before a Notary and returns it to the filing spouse. By signing and returning the Waiver, that party is essentially saying “Go ahead, get the divorce without me. I have no interest in fighting. Do as you see fit.”

What could possibly go wrong?

Without ever seeing the Decree of Divorce before it is finalized with the court, your spouse may have:

  1. Been awarded custody of the children, even though he promised you that would never happen;
  2. Been awarded your house, even though she promised you that would never happen;
  3. Left you with all the debt;
  4. Done more terrible and scary things.

How quick and cheap will it be to hire a lawyer to right those wrongs? Gas station sushi is also quick and cheap.

If you've been given a waiver to sign or are contemplating filing a waiver divorce, give us a call. We'll explain how our office handles waiver divorces to make them quick, cheap and bulletproof.

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