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When all is said and done, a Divorce is just a business transaction. So why not  simply go to Denny's and over a cup of coffee, calmly divide your property, calculate child support, agree on visitation, leave a tip and go home.

That's what I thought until the dry cleaners lost my clothes. To add insult to injury, they told me they weren't going to reimburse me much money because my clothes were used. I was enraged. My best idea was to back my truck through the cleaners front window. Then they'd understand how right I was and how wrong they were.

Fortunately, I was a level headed attorney so I took my own advice and went home first to sleep on it. Awaking bright and early the next day, I realized that driving through their front window to make my point was a terrible idea. The better course of action was to drive through their BACK window.

At that moment, in a flash of clarity, I realized that we can't always just settle our differences over a cup of coffee when we're emotionally vested in the outcome. I hired a lawyer.

So if you're thinking about a divorce, filing for divorce, or if you've just been served with papers its likely that you're already angry, resentful, frustrated, stressed, and financially challenged. You name it. This is hardly the best time to be making life altering decisions. But that is exactly what you have to do when you contemplate or are involved in a divorce.

What are some of the  life altering decisions?

Where do I start?

Who will the kids live with?

When will I get to see my kids?

Do I have to move?

Does the house have to be sold?

Who will pay the bills?

How do I support my family with less income?

How can I afford to pay child support?

What about the 401(k)?

To make matters worse the 2012-2013 Texas Family Code has grown to over 1400 pages long. You're right if you say that only half of those pages apply to your case. When you schedule your free consultation, you'll meet with Robert, an experienced Kingwood, Texas Divorce lawyer. He'll tell which half of those pages apply to you. The lawyer and staff will spend time with you and answer the questions most  important to your situation. We'll see to it that you have a clear understanding of the law and a plan to take care of yourself and your family during this difficult time.

Or you can spend the same hour on the internet reading Frequently Asked Questions.

Other areas of Family Law we can help you with:

Modifications of child support/ custody/ visitation;

Contempt / Enforcement;

Attorney General (IV-D) cases;

CPS cases;

Terminations and Adoptions;


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