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Do I Need A Lawyer To File For Divorce?

Under Texas law you do not need an attorney to file for divorce. Anyone can go online  and download the  paperwork for less than $200.00 and handle the matter pro-se (literally "in one's own behalf", or without an attorney).

But the bigger question is not whether you can do it yourself, but whether its a good idea.

If you have:

1) no  children

2) no property to divide, and most of all

3) a complete agreement between husband and wife, a $200.00 divorce may be the way to go.

Unfortunately, most couples have more complicated situations:

1) children - custody, visitation, child support, health insurance, primary residence.

2) property such as a house, car, money in the bank, retirement accounts.

Combine this with the stress of a spouse with bad intentions towards you and you have the makings of a bad situation.

The 2 of you could just go to IHOP and settle the divorce over a cup of coffee and a piece of pie. But we know how that will likely turnout

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