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Criminal Law Overview

You've been arrested and received 100 solicitation letters from lawyers claiming to be the best. Some claim to have handled thousands of cases. Some are former prosecutors. All claim to have the experience, skills and savvy to win your case. How come you've never heard of them? Why are they mailing you letters?

At our office, we've been handling criminal matters for over thirty years and we've learned a thing or two:

1) Be wary of a lawyer who doesn't have an office or a staff. Its tough enough being a criminal defense lawyer. Its tougher still, when you're also playing receptionist and secretary. The trunk of a car is not an office. Starbucks is not an office;

2) Make certain your client not only understands the law, but the strategy;

3) Have a strategy;

4) Do your homework. A good criminal defense lawyer that is really well prepared will usually best a great lawyer who is unprepared;

5) Don't select your lawyer on price alone. The prosecutor's office has a virtually unlimited budget to prosecute you. They have access to investigators, law enforcement, experts and seasoned prosecutors. Make certain your lawyer is up to the task.

When you schedule your free criminal consultation, you'll meet with a lawyer. We'll spend time with you and answer the questions that deal with your specific situation. We'll see to it that you have a clear understanding of the law, the charges and what you can expect. We'll formulate a strategy to defend you. Or you can spend the same hour on the internet reading Frequently Asked Questions about criminal law. We've handled over 600 criminal matters, so chances are we can help you too.

Criminal Matters we can help you with:

  • ALL FELONIES (except murder)
  • First Degree
  • Second Degree
  • Third Degree
  • State Jail Felonies


  • Class A
  • Class B
  • Class C

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