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In addition to the traditional methods of communication with our office, such as telephone, email, fax, and office visits, we now offer our clients enhanced access via a Secure Client Portal. Using our Secured Client Portal, each of our clients can  log in to a private, password protected, personalized area where they can communicate with our office via private messaging and:

  1. view and download their file documents, correspondence, and pleadings;
  2. review and respond to Discovery requests made to us by opposing counsel;
  3. participate in the preparation of Discovery requests made to the opposing side;
  4. collaborate on document editing and preparation of a Trial Notebook;
  5. upload private information as well as pictures, videos, audios, and most other types of evidence;
  6. view and download a calendar of required court appearances, deadlines, and hearing /trial dates;
  7. review invoices, payments, balances, and payment plans;
  8. make payments online.

We believe this addition to our practice helps us serve our clients more effectively and its as cool as all get out.

To login to our client portal, click here


Client Portal

No more phone tag. Our clients can view their case status, calendars, and updates or send us a message anytime 24/7 through our Client Portal.

(Please don't send us pics of your dog in a hat.)