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Civil Litigation – Suing and Being Sued

Sometimes you sue. Sometimes you get sued. That is a fact of life in the 21st century.

How do you know whether to sue a person or business that has committed a wrongful act against you?

It could be about the money, or maybe it's about the principle and sometimes its about both.

Is pursuing a lawsuit worth your time and effort?

Can you actually collect if you are successful?

We evaluate your potential case or defense on several factors:

1)        likely result at trial:

2)        overall cost to obtain this result;

3)        what you believe your case is worth;

4)        amount, if any, you are likely to receive or have to pay;

5)        types of evidence needed and the associated costs;

6)        position of opposing side;

7)        strengths, weaknesses, and risks of your case or defense;

8)       whether to try, mediate, or settle your case.

When you schedule your free consultation, you'll meet with a lawyer. We'll spend time with you and answer the questions most  important to your lawsuit. We'll see to it that you have a clear understanding of the law and a plan to prepare and protect  yourself during this litigation. Or you can spend the same hour on the internet reading Frequently Asked Questions about civil litigation.

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