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Can I modify my child support agreement

  • Can I modify my child support agreement I have with my ex-husband? Divorce was finalized in April, separated since 11/15?

Ex works overseas, I have had the kids all year and he pays the standard child support. He hasn't seen them in that year. Shouldn't I be compensated for the days he was supposed to have them and didn't? Income is limited, I am paying all these expenses.

Robert's Answer

    • on Jul 1, 2017

The Courts put a very high burden on you if you if you seek a Modification within 1 year of divorce. It is much lower after 1 year. If you go back to Court you can seek a more realistic visitation schedule in line with the reality of your situation and also seek a more appropriate amount of child support. The child support % guidelines are just that... guidelines. There are at least 17 other factors the Court may consider in establishing child support.

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