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Bankruptcy... Is It Morally or Ethically Wrong?

My Dad passed away a few years ago and I went to visit him. As I came out of the bathroom, he summoned me over to his bedside. As I walked over to him I believed he was going to pass along the secrets he had for success, the wisdom of the ages. I leaned in to listen to him and he said "Turn out the bathroom light."

While I was growing up, I heard him say that to me every day, along with "Don't let the cold air out", "don't go shopping in the refrigerator", and "talk quickly, its long distance." These few words were the code he lived by. And of course he told me many times how he walked barefoot in the snow, uphill (both ways) to return a library book.

Most people contemplating Bankruptcy were raised the same way. So of course, the idea that we might be faced with Bankruptcy shakes us to the core. Its embarrassing, it violates our basic beliefs. It means we are failures. Not true!

Bankruptcy is not a moral or ethical decision. It is a BUSINESS decision. An accounting decision. My spreadsheet shows more loss than profit. Gasoline is about $4.50/ gallon as I write this. My grocery bill jumped from $200.00/week to $350.00/week. Most of my clients DON'T have a media room and don't pull up to my office in a late model Range Rover. Instead, we cross 8 lanes of traffic on the freeway because gas is 4 cents cheaper on the other side.

Stop punishing yourself. Get out of denial. Stop lying awake in the middle of the night staring at the ceiling. Get Federal relief from crushing debt. Or at least a free consultation. You owe it to yourself.

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